A very grounding and nurturing massage ritual. Hot Stones can be integrated into your massage session free of charge. Please talk with your practitioner if you wish to have hot stones part of your massage. Hot stones promote the health and vitality of all systems of the body. Combines elements of earth ~ fire ~ water. 

Practitioners use the placement of hot stones on specific points, together with gliding the hot stones along the body. This allows the therapeutic and healing properties of the hot stones to come to life and the body responds beautifully. A calming of the nervous system, deep relaxation of the muscles, regulation of hormones, and stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems are all benefits of a hot stones massage ritual.


Breathing and Wonder

Learn how to start relating to sensations in the body and the effect wonder has on our issues.

Processing Emotions

The crown jewel of the method, learn the 4-step process to unwind any emotion with great ease


Learn how to help others come into greater balance with their issue with no effort at all.

Levels of Sensation

Now that you have a handle on sensation, approach them from different perspective and see what effect that has.

Perception and Awareness

Become even more aware of the subtle sensations inside you and how to relate to them.

Alternative Healing Process

Discover how to perceive the sensation behind external event but also in your internal landscape. This helps direct healing in certain ways, if needed.