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" I had an incredible 120 min KaHuna massage with Saleemah!! Wow what a divine experience of being cared for, nurtured and completely relaxed. Absolutely blissful ♥️♥️♥️ "


Jess Dawson

Holding space for each client to support deep healing of body mind and soul.


Jaime Hind

Supporting fluidity and mobility in the body and softness in the heart.


Claire O'Mullane

Supporting a space where clients can be brought to heaven and back.


Paul Anderson

Allowing people to feel held, nurtured and supported by clear masculine energy in a safe space.


Suellen Pike

Aloha spirit essence, holding a caring loving beautiful space for all people to experience unconditional love.


Nadine Martens

Allowing the client to be seen and to see deeply into the soul of each being.


Annie Esterhuysen

It's been an honour to receive the art of Kahuna.

MaryGrace Scicluna

MaryGrace Scicluna

MaryGrace comes with the intention to provide a safe, supportive environment.

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